Sales Promotions

Sales and Training solutions have increase revenue, trained sales associates and turned leads into customers.

Sales Promotions

Today, our sales programs are fully managed by UPI and tailored to enhance sales associates’ knowledge on a product’s benefits, features and advantages. Whether your sales staff is internal, a third party, or managed through a dealer, distributor or trade, our programs will ensure that each of your sales personnel learn the right information to promote your product, answer customer questions and in turn, finalize more sales. Please read more about our customizable solutions below.

Counter Intelligence Program

Counter Intelligence

Our Counter Intelligence program is the perfect way to educate sales staff in your distribution network and ensure product information is being accurately explained to the end consumer. As program begins, we send product information to be reviewed by sales personnel. Then, a UPI “Mystery Customer” contacts your sales team members asking for recommendations, feature and benefits about the products. When the individual gives knowledgeable product information, they receive a reward and are entered into a sweepstakes for a prize. This sales promotion produces very positive results, including an increase in product knowledge, sales and customer satisfaction!
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Training as a Sales Promotion

Training as a Sales Promotion

Training as a Sales Promotion is an easy and cost effective way to train distribution and dealer sales personnel on the benefits of your products. This sales promotion is a six time national award winning program and has enhanced over 400,000 jobs as a result of it.
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Our Spin-N-Win Promotion separates you from the competition. It can be used to build sales force enthusiasm, provide incremental sales increases and create customer loyalty.
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Secret Shoppers

Mystery Shopper

UPI’s Secret Shopper program is a unique opportunity to promote your products and increase sales. This promotion will ensure your product is the one that sales associates choose to sell. We work with you to determine which personnel you would like to invite to participate in the sweepstakes. For over 12 weeks, we have a secret shoppers call and visit the participating store. These shoppers ask the participating associate for a product that falls into your product specifications. Once the associate suggests your product, they are rewarded with an entry into a sweepstakes with fun and exciting rewards!
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